Welcome to Hypple!

Hypple is a minecraft network with lots of unique mini-games such as Sleep wars, Bowling party, Rainbow party, Golf party, Levitating racers and more to come. You can join now with play.hypple.net!

Levitating racers

A racing game where you race on a levitation track. At some points of the track there are colored areas, darker colors usually mean slower track and lighter speed boosts. The goal is to complete all the laps around the track as fast as possible (first player wins the game).

Golf party

A game where each player tries to get their own ball in to the hole with the least possible strokes. There are around 10 tracks (rounds) and you have 2 minutes to get the ball in to the hole. You're also limited to 12 strokes per track.

Hypple bunny eating a carrot.

What's new on Hypple?

1.0 Update is now out

With this update, we are happy to announce that the server is finally open, this update brought gams such as Sleep wars, Bowling party, Golf party, Levitating racers, Hide and seek, and Rainbow party. You can now join and claim a special role on our discord server if you connect it with your minecraft account!

Hypple 1.0 update.