Hypple bunny reading a book.

Welcome to the Hypple network! Hypple is a minecraft network full of different game modes/minigames. The goal of the Hypple is to bring players a unique experience of the game by modifying the normal minecraft mechanics. Currently, on the network, there are Sleep Wars, Rainbow Party and Bowling Party but we'll continue to add more in the future. There are a lot of minecraft minigames servers/networks that are similar to each other that's why we create all the game modes ourselves. Most of the servers are still in 1.8 which has the old combat (PVP) mechanics but we can't stay in the past forever that's why we chose the new versions of minecraft and will keep updating as it goes. While the new combat is different and some don't like it we thought about it and saw that the benefits of using newer versions outweigh the old combat system. The benefits of the new versions are more build blocks, new player mechanics such as flying, swimming, and many more. We also provided combat training minigames so you can get used to it if you aren't yet.

If you're interested about the future plans you can check them here.



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