How to join the server?

You can join with Minecraft java client by clicking on the multiplayer tab and adding a new server. There you'll want to enter the server address which is

First time joining

When you join you'll be spawned into the world called hub. Hub is a server where you can wait for players, play around, show your cosmetics to other players, and so on.

In your hotbar you'll find some items, each item is named and if you hover over it, it will tell you more about what it does. The items, in this case, are used as buttons, you can't move them as usual.

Selecting your pet

As you join for the first time you might want to click on the bone in your inventory which will bring you to the pet picking place. There you can pick your own pet and name it. You can choose from all kinds of mobs and select their color or type by clicking on the signs below. When you're done choosing, click on select pet sign you'll see an inventory open, there just click on the pet animal.

To see what pets do in the game click here

Joining games

To join a game click on the Games Selector in the hotbar and select the game you want to play, or on the hub you can click on the npcs and then select the game you want to play. You can always type /games to get the games selector anywhere.

How to play?

Sleep Wars

Sleep wars is a variation of the well-known game called Bed Wars with the main change that you can sleep in beds.

The goal of the game is to be the last team standing. You can achieve this by destroying all of the other beds and killing all of the other teams. The bed function as a respawn device, if you lose your bed you won't be able to respawn anymore.

At the beginning of the game, you'll spawn on one of the side islands with your bed, gold and iron generators, and shop and upgrade trading stations. Iron and gold ingots are used to buy items from the shop.

On the map, there are also 2 more generators, diamond and emerald. Diamond generators are on the sides of the islands, which are used to upgrade your gear. You can upgrade your weapons, armor, item generators, movement speed, and mining speed. All of the upgrades only apply for your team. Emerald generators are on the center of the map and are used mainly for more valuable items in the game.

By default, you don't spawn with any items. Armor is the only item that stays with you even after you die. When you respawn you have 5 seconds of pvp protection.

For more information check out this page.

Hide And Seek

You'll start either as a hider or seeker. If you start as a seeker you'll wait for 30 seconds in a waiting room while the hider forms into a block and tries to stay hidden. After the wait-time, you (seeker) can start searching for hiders (blocks) to kill them all before the game ends. The hiders job is to stay alive and hidden until the round is over. When you stand for 5 seconds you'll turn into a solid block. If the seeker kills you, you become a seeker as well.

When you're in a solid state as a hider, you can get extra points by provoking seekers. You do that by clicking your block in your hotbar and selecting the effect you want.

For more information check out this page.

Rainbow Party

Rainbow party is a fun game where you dance on the pixel art floor.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be spawned in the middle of the pixel art.

You’ll have some time to run and look around with relaxing and fun music.

When the music stops, you'll get a particular colored block to find on the ground.

You have 3 seconds to find it and stand on it. After your time runs out, Other blocks disappear. Each round will get harder so be careful. You win the game by surviving the longest.

For more information check out this page.

Golf Party

Golf Party is a game where each player tries to get their own ball in to the hole with the least possible strokes. There are around 10 tracks (rounds) and you have 2 minutes to get the ball in to the hole. You're also limited to 12 strokes per track.

By clicking Q while in game you can fly around the track each round for 10 seconds.

Use your scroll wheel to change the stroke power.

The ball will move in the direction which you're looking at when you press with your mouse.

For more information check out this page.

Levitating Racers

Levitating Racers is a racing game where you race on a levitation track. At some points of the track there are colored areas, darker colors usually mean slower track and lighter speed boosts. The goal is to complete all the laps around the track as fast as possible (first player wins the game).

For more information check out this page.

Bowling Party

Bowling party is a recreation of bowling in minecraft. You get 10 rounds to score as many points as possible. In each round you have 2 frames to throw a ball at pins.

If you hit all 10 of them at the same time it's called a strike and you get extra points in the next round. If you hit all 10 of them in both frames combined that's called a spare you also get extra points for it in the next round.

After all the 10 rounds the player with the most points wins.

For more information check out this page.



On the server you'll be able to train your pets and level them up. They'll be used in different games where you'll be able to use them for different tasks usually for fighting. This isn't yet implemented but will be added in soon. For now you can pick your pet and name it and show it in the hubs.