Our first version 1.0 is going to be the release of the Hypple network. This version we plan to add 5 games before the network gets opened. This is taking the most time not just because the process of making the games takes a long time but also because of the whole Network infrastructure. As over 90% of the plugins are made by us we had to build different stuff such as friends, party, network systems that take care of the players over the network, moves them to the correct servers and so on. Each verson will probbaly get other games that will be added later on the list.

The plans are more of a guide lines and can be changed and released whenever it happens. It all depends on our free time and when it opens how much we grow and how much we can scale. The servers need to be paid so if you'd like to support us feel free to look at our patreon.

This list is more of a teaser, it's not going to have a lot of information about the games as we'd like to keep the games free of spoilers before they are added in.

Hypple 1.0 - Welcome update


- Sleep Wars

- Rainbow Party

- Bowling Party

- Creatures Fight

- Golf Party


- Pets

Hypple 1.1


- Water Wars

- Active Warfare

- Mega Party


- Pets added to games

Hypple 1.2


- Gravity Wars 2.0

- Parkour Runners

Hypple 1.3 - Goofy update


- Panda Bouncers

- Boat Racers

Hypple 1.4


- Extreme Survival