Golf Party

How to play?

You'll start either as a hider or seeker. If you start as a seeker you'll wait for 30 seconds in a waiting room while the hider forms into a block and tries to stay hidden. After the wait-time, you (seeker) can start searching for hiders (blocks) to kill them all before the game ends. The hiders job is to stay alive and hidden until the round is over. When you stand for 5 seconds you'll turn into a solid block. If the seeker kills you, you become a seeker as well.

When you're in a solid state as a hider, you can get extra points by provoking seekers. You do that by clicking your block in your hotbar and selecting the effect you want.


Minimum players per game: 2

Maximum players per game: 20

Game maximum duration: 10 min


Hide And Seek.