Sleep Wars

How to play?

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Sleep wars is a variation of the well-known game called Bed Wars with the main change that you can sleep in beds.

The goal of the game is to be the last team standing. You can achieve this by destroying all of the other beds and killing all of the other teams. The bed function as a respawn device, if you lose your bed you won't be able to respawn anymore.

At the beginning of the game, you'll spawn on one of the side islands with your bed, gold and iron generators, and shop and upgrade trading stations. Iron and gold ingots are used to buy items from the shop.

On the map, there are also 2 more generators, diamond and emerald. Diamond generators are on the sides of the islands, which are used to upgrade your gear. You can upgrade your weapons, armor, item generators, movement speed, and mining speed. All of the upgrades only apply for your team. Emerald generators are on the center of the map and are used mainly for more valuable items in the game.

By default, you don't spawn with any items. Armor is the only item that stays with you even after you die. When you respawn you have 5 seconds of pvp protection.

General direction of gameplay

At the start of the game, you'll want to defend your bed and build to the other islands to get access to new items or build to the closest enemy to destroy them before they can defend themselves.

The game is played with the latest pvp which means spamming with the weapon won't help you much.


Minimum players per game: 2 (solo), 4 (double), 3 (triple), 4 (quadruple)

Maximum players per game: 8 (solo), 16 (double), 12 (triple), 16 (quadruple)

Game maximum duration: 40 min



Sleep Wars beach map.


Sleep Wars winter map.


Sleep Wars woods map.


Sleep Wars jungle map.